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  • Mir castle
  • Nesvizh castle
Description of the tour

Every self-respecting tourist who decided to visit Belarus, after a sightseeing tour of Minsk should go on a so-called trip to the middle ages. Visiting Mir and Nesvizh castles is included in the list of things to do in Belarus and is a business card of the country. What is so special about these castles?

  • Despite numerous destructions and robberies during the bloody wars since the 16th century, the castles managed to preserve their appearance and thanks to this and its historical importance both castles were included in the UNESCO World heritage list and are two of the four UNESCO landmarks on the territory of Belarus.
  • The Radziwills. I thinks that it is not the first time you see this last name. The case is that the Radziwills had always been a very powerful magnate dynasty and rich landlords. Histories of Mir and Nesvizh Castles are connected with the family. Nesvizh Castle was founded by one of the Radziwills and in a nearby Farny Church (main church of the parish) most of the Radziwills from Nesvizh are buried in a family crypt. During the individual tour you will know why most of the Radziwills had nicknames and what they meant, why trumpets are depicted on their family coat of arms, how the Radziwills are related to Kennedy’s family and many other things.
  • Nesvizh Castle is a very well restored family nest of more than 30 rooms including Hunting Hall, where you can see trophies, pictures of hunting process, Ball Hall with 19th century mirrors placed in front of each other that create an endless tunnel effect, personal chapel, where Radziwills prayed and an armoury, where there are different types of guns and cannons, etc.
  • Mir Castle constructed by another noble family but they owned it only for 3 generations, became the Radziwills’ possession in the 16th century, and they transformed Mir Castle into family summer residence. In Mir Castle it is possible to feel the Medieval atmosphere climbing up and down narrow and steep staircase. Now it becomes evident how only one person with one lance in a hand could contain the whole army of knights.
From Minsk it is very difficult to get to Mir and Nesvizh independently, there is practically no transport connection between the two small cities. Therefore, a good option to visit is to choose an individual tour with a guide who will certainly tell you about all the secrets that keep the castles, about the lost treasures, and about the most significant Radziwills who influenced the course of history and what nicknames they had.

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