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директор ДРАНИК-ТУР
Martynov Michael director of "DRANIK-TOUR" ltd

I am glad to welcome you on our website. The main objective of the company "DRANIK-TOUR" is to present Belarus as a friendly and open touristic country. This name was chosen not by accident. Dranik is a traditional Belarusian dish, and our name is so easy to remember. In our excursions we try to adhere to the same principles. We immerse tourists into Belarusian traditions and try not to overload them with unnecessary information.

What we do?
Our advantages DRANIK-TOUR ltd

Our company is situated in the heart of Minsk, very close to the historical center of the city. We are located in hotel Belarus, office 423. Knock on the door and we will open.

Individual approach

We care about our tourists and we will offer the most appropriate itinerary for you due to your preferences and demands. We will make you fall in love with Belarus!

We are tour-operator

We are the author and organizer of trips in Belarus. We offer wide range of excursions, including excursions-animations.

Real authentic experience

We want to plunge you into the atmosphere of our country, despite the most popular highlights we offer you truly traditional recreation with different types of activities during stay in Belarusian villages.

Book an accommodation

As a respected tour-operator we have multiple discounts at different hotels, we will help you to book a hotel, if necessary.

Gifted tour-guides

All our tour-guides are certified and they perfectly speak English, German, Spanish or Polish. They will be with you throughout the tour revealing you the secrets of our motherland.

Dranik is a Belorussian national dish.
Is it your first time in Minsk? We wrote a special to-do-list. This list is not commercial and is based on our experience.
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Dear tourist, “DRANIK-TOUR” team is glad to welcome you on our web-site, where you can get first impression of what is Belarus. Our team was working hard on creating a very useful web-site for guests of our country. Our young creative team of professionals loves Belarus with all their hearts and is ready to share this love with people who are thinking about visiting Belarus. Belarus is currently a very promising destination for tourism. Belarus became open to the world 3 years ago! Nowadays citizens of 80 countries can fly to the country and stay here without a visa for up to 30 days, which is already a good reason to come. Belarus is not just post-soviet country. Belarus is a country of pleasant surprises, rich historical and architectural heritage, diverse wildlife and unlimited forests and nature, hospitable people. There are many stereotypes about our motherland, which we are aimed to break. The main task of our team is to show Belarus from an unexpected side.

Our company organizes all types of holidays in Belarus from starting from such moments as airport transfer (our English-speaking driver will meet you in the arrival zone with the table with your name written on it), consultation on the rules of arrival and staying in the country, booking accommodation in hotels and luxury apartments during staying in the country. We organize individual tours, multi-day tours, outdoor recreation, conferences, interactive programs, MICE- tourism, tourism of nostalgia and we can help you in finding informations about your ancestors that may be originally from Belarus.
We are open to new ideas, we are inspired by our tourists. We will help you to realize your ideal journey in our country. It is very easy to work with us: you leave a request on our website, within a few minutes you will be contacted by our Manager who speaks English and will tell you all the necessary options and what day tours from Minsk we organize. Our company has repeatedly worked with guests from foreign countries who bought excursions in Belarus abroad, and they had no problems with payments as we have accounts in foreign currencies and we try to make everything convenient to our client. With foreign guests we keep in touch 24 to 7, if there is any question or request, we will be happy to help you with it within a very short period of time. Enjoy looking through our web-site and do not hesitate to leave a request!
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