Tour to Grodno

Depends of the group
Duration of the tour
12 hours
Dates (upon request)
Description of the tour

Grodno was founded at the beginning of the XII century. Since 1240s the city was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
After the creation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the city became one the residence of Polish Kings. Grodno is the capital of the Belarusian Western region. City is located on the Neman river and it’s not so far from Polish and Lithuanian borders.
Grodno is the only big Belarusian city, where the historical center preserved after the World War II. Today it’s a real European city with the many places of interest. There are beautiful Roman Catholic temples, ancient synagogue, Protestant Lutheran Church, two castles looking at each other, 850-years Orthodox church of Boris and Gleb, where was saved wisdom of centuries, magnificent parks and tidy streets in Grodno. Your can ask questions about tour to grodno on our website. It’s a real cultural capital of Belarus.

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