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The border city of Brest is the Western gate of Belarus. It is difficult to imagine how many times it passed from hands to hands of different States, how many times it was burned to the ground and was built from scratch. There is evidence of different eras from the ancient settlement to medieval history, from the Russian Empire and the "Polish times" to the Soviet period. Brest tour is one of the most popular tours in Belarus for now. After Minsk Brest is the most famous Belarusian city, events that happened here or in nearby area influenced the world’s history. But Brest is located pretty far from Minsk, it is 344 km south-west from the capital of Belarus, that is why we recommend you to take a private tour to Brest with comfortable car and a private tour-guide.

Maybe you will consider that it is pretty far, but here are the sights that you will see and things that you will do during the tour:

  • Brest Fortress. I don't think she needs much introduction. For Brest, this fortress is like the Eiffel tower for Paris. Or even something more. This huge military complex is located a little away from the historical centre. Brest fortress is a symbol of fortitude and courage. One of the main attractions of the city. Every year, two major events are held in the fortress: Victory Day on the 9th of May and 22nd of June (a day when the Brest Fortress was attacked), and then a large-scale reconstruction of the events of the beginning of the war.
  • In fact-it is a full-fledged city in the city. Therefore, inside the fortress there are a number of its own attractions. The most famous of all are:
  • Gate - "Star", under the arches of which "Holy war" and the words of Levitan about the attack on the Soviet Union sound for the whole day;
  • Sculpture “Thirst”;
  • The Monument “Courage”;
  • Kholm gate;
  • St. Nicholas garrison Cathedral
The entrance to the territory of Brest Fortress is free, but on demand you can choose from different museums, which tell the history of Brest Fortress, its defence etc.

Museums on the territory:

  • Museum of the defence of Brest Fortress
  • Museum of the War
  • Museum “the 5th Fort”
  • Archaeological museum “Berestye”
As it is an individual tour, after visiting the Brest Fortress together with the tour-guide you will walk along the pedestrian street Sovetskaya to feel the European atmosphere and to see the monument to the 1000- year anniversary of Brest. After the city of Brest you will head to the UNESCO site, which is a very unusual forest.

If the Brest fortress is the main attraction of the city of Brest, then Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the main star of all southern Belarus. Just think about it:

  • The oldest trees here are about 600 years old;
  • 65% of all fauna of Belarus grows in the territory of Pushcha;
  • In the Belovezhskaya Pushcha the monarchs of the Commonwealth and the Russian Empire, the leaders of the USSR, as well as (according to legend) Che Guevara with Fidel Castro hunted at different times.
  • In 1991 the historic Bialowieza agreement on the establishment of independent States on the territory of the former Soviet Union was signed on the territory of the Viskuli estate.
  • The first mention of it dates back to 983 year!
  • Since 1992 the Forest is among the UNESCO world heritage sites as the oldest forest in Europe.
In Belovezhskaya Pushcha you will visit enclosures with animals, walk along the touristic routes and enjoy the relict forest. If you’ve already made your mind to take an individual tour, leave a request and our manager will call you back.

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