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5 hours
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Description of the tour
The best way to find out about the country to which you come is to go outside the city in search of the countryside. In Belarus for this purpose it is not necessary to go far. To fully immerse yourself in the culture, rural local life of the past you should travel only 40 km away from Minsk. In a wonderful place near the river Ptich there is the Museum of ancient crafts and technologies Dudutki.
Dudutki is a very specific type of museum where you can touch everything and eat almost everything. Moreover, here you can obtain new professions, such as a beekeeper, a blacksmith, a potter. In separate wooden houses different professionals in crafts and technologies demonstrate their art to visitors and then ask to help them, so you can even teach how to forge a horseshoe and sculpt a vessel of clay. Later you can keep your piece of art as a souvenir. After workshops you go to the delicious part of your trip: bakery, cheese factory, moonshine production. You will not be trusted to cook here, but you can try cheese, bread, butter of museum’s own production. By the way, Dudutki is the only place where you can legally buy the moonshine! Do not miss the chance.
In addition to the workshops themselves, "Dudutki" has its own economy. There are bees, pigs, chickens, horses and even ostriches. Animals provide the Museum with milk, meat, honey which visitors can taste during tours. In addition to the economy in "Dudutki" has its own temple. In the cafe "Dudutki" you can order lunch and enjoy traditional Belarusian cuisine.
The complex has its own small airfield and a fleet of light aircraft Yak-52, Ikarus, Cessna. It is possible to book a flight on one of these aircraft and admire the Museum ensemble from a bird's eye view. Motorists are happy to visit the retro salon with iconic Soviet cars, such as the Moskvich 401 or ZAZ-965, which was popularly called "humpback".

Individual tour to Dudutki is a good choice for all visitors, especially for people with children

  • Duration of the tour is 5 hours. If you need more time, it can last longer, on demand.
  • Tour price includes services of a tour guide, who speaks you language, services of a driver with comfortable car of different capacity.
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