Entrance ticket cost: 15 BYN (7$)
Duration of the tour
4-5 hours
Dates (upon request)
Description of the tour
If you have a genuine interest in the events of the past, especially the events of the great Patriotic war, if the names of the guns for you are not empty words, if you are very well versed in military technology, you should go over to the Stalin Line.. The Stalin line is a noteworthy historical Museum, which is not limited by walls, here lives the history. It was created on the place of the fortification district, where there were restored and reconstructed original two machine-gun Pillboxes, artillery half-caponiers, a command and observation posts. Restoration works underwent just as they were depicted on pre-war paintings and schemes. The exhibition includes all kinds of trenches, anti-tank ditches, positions for rifle squads, dugouts for hiding personnel, trenches for guns, gouges-wooden, concrete, metal, wire barriers of various types. The distinctive feature of this museum is the true authenticity of all the exhibits, many of which have preserved traces of bullets and shells. On the way to the Stalin Line, which is 30 km away from Minsk, the guide will tell you about the Museum itself, how and why it was created. Moreover, the guide will tell you about the Second World war actions on Belarusian territory. On the Stalin Line you will be met by guides dressed in the uniforms of soldiers and commanders of the red army, which will create a unique atmosphere that allows you to fully feel the spirit of the distant wartime. After a tour around the complex you can be involved in checking the power and strength of the guns of the war.

You can do the following:

  • To fire from the gun with the defeat of the enemy tank
  • To shoot from the tank with the defeat of the enemy tanks
  • To fire from anti-aircraft guns
  • To shoot from such weapons as Mosin, Mauser, Maxim gun, anti-tank rifle PTRs, etc.

There is more peaceful entertainment, which is riding on different types of tanks:

  • on the tank the PT-76;
  • on the tank T-55, T-34, T-44;
  • on the STUG-III
To know the price for activities, please, contact our managers. Individual tour with a private tour guide speaking your language would be a good variant for foreigner citizens. Our driver and guide will pick you up from the convenient place, you can choose the time to start the tour. If necessary, a guide will give you free time to shoot from guns or to ride a tank. On the Stalin Line complex there is a café where you can eat after the tour. If you are interested in this tour, please, fill in the form and our manager will call you back soon.
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