Olmansky swamps

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Duration of the tour
14 hours
Dates (upon request)
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Highlights of the tour
  • Military training ground
  • Olmanskie swamps
  • Watchtower
  • Cucumber plantations
  • River crossing in Luninets town
  • Salt mountains of Saligorsk town
Description of the tour

Belarus is a country of forests of fields, lakes, and rivers, as well as swamps. The land is often spoken of as the lungs of Europe because we have a concentration of numerous swamps that produce oxygen and prevent the greenhouse effect. Swamps give out 15 times more oxygen than coniferous forests. During a one-day excursion, you will visit the largest complex of swamps in Europe, the name of which is Olmansky swamps! In Belarus, there is no more surprising place that this natural pearl. The excursion in places will resemble a real expedition. The main purpose of the tour is the USSR secret nuclear test site, which is located in the heart of the swamps, at a distance of 25 kilometres from civilisation. You can get there only by all-terrain vehicle.

Tourists will see the beautiful forests, where many animals and rare plants inhabit

Also, they can climb a watchtower on the territory of the former military unit from where all the splendor of the Belarusian Polesie appears! Drive, energy, and adventure are the cocktail of this tour. In addition to the marshes, you will be able to see endless strawberry-cucumber farms, beautiful cities, and villages that are located in the south of Belarus. We invite you to go with us to the swamps and get to know the real Belarus!

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