Top 10 things to do in Belarus

Top 10 things to do in Belarus

When you travel to Europe, it is very clear what tours to take, what sights to see first off, what you can do during the holiday. There are certain things that you need to learn, to do, to see, to feel in a certain country. But if you are going to Belarus, it is not as simple. If you are already in Belarus or want to visit our country, but can hardly imagine what you can do here for a 30-day visa-free stay, these notes are for You! Go!

1. See the nature.

The nature in our country is among top-5 reasons why tourists really come to Belarus. Approximately 40% of all our territory is covered with forests, 12% is covered with swamps, we have 20,000 rivers and 10,000 lakes. It is really impressive. You can enjoy staying in the oldest Forest in Europe which is located on the border with Poland and is called Belovezhskaya Puscha. But it is 4 hours driving away from Minsk, and if you do not want to lose so much time, you can go to another divine forest in absolutely different direction but much closer. It is Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve which is 130 km away from Minsk. Even if you do not have enough time to travel beyond Minsk borders you can easily enjoy our nature here. Multiple parks on the bank of the Svisloch River, Botanical Gardens, forest near Minsk Sea are at your disposal.

2. Eat draniki.

If Your face now there's a complete lack of understanding of what you’ve just read, then I will explain. Draniki is a national dish made of potatoes. Potatoes are the main product on the table of the Belarusian people. Sometimes we are called potato people because of draniki. Draniki are made from grated potatoes, it's such a very peculiar potato pancakes fried till golden crust from both sides and sometimes staffed with meat. There are so many restaurants that cook draniki that you can choose them in many variations, For example, it can be served as a dessert, together with an ice-cream from condensed milk and pork from jam. Sounds strange, but it is very delicious! If you want to know the name of the restaurant where it is served, contact us.

3. Enjoy the Soviet architecture.

After world war II Minsk lay in ruins. 84% of all buildings were destroyed. There was even a plan to move the city to 15 kilometers, but the plan was not to be realized. Soviet architects developed a project of the city of the sun, which turned Minsk. Just take a walk along our independence Avenue, especially in the evening when the lights are already on. All buildings on independence Avenue are a monument of architecture. Visit GUM, a Department store where you can enjoy the interior of the Soviet period. Look from afar at the KGB building. Where else will You see the longest street built in the same architectural style? Nowhere, only in Minsk.

4. Take a sightseeing tour with a local.

This point does not need any explanation. Only local person can tell you about the most popular sites, about lifestyle, economy, politics in the country, as well as to show you the most off-the-beaten track landmarks. Yes, private local guide is more expensive, but if you really want to understand and enjoy the country it is worth booking a guide.

5. Participate in a workshop of making things from clay.

The pottery is known in Belarus since the Neolithic period, i.e. about 10 000 years BC, the main component of the molding material was clay.The professionalism of the Belarusian potters is evidenced by the fact that for many centuries their products were massively exported for sale abroad. Clay is the main raw material in pottery. About 400 clay deposits have been identified in Belarus. The process of creating these products is fascinating and helps to find the connection of man with the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. The main tools of a Potter's hands, clay and bake. Workshops in clay modeling have become very popular, as it is the best option to understand our nation, to feel the self-sufficiency of our culture. Highly recommended.

6. Take selfie with Lenin.

But not with the one standing in front of the Government House on the Independence Square, but with one standing in the very beginning of Kastrychnitskaya street, previous industrial area. As a bonus you can order a professional photoshoot, because the location is full of fashionable graffities which is a very good background for making pictures.

7. Eat an ice-cream with cornflowers.

Blue сornflower ripens together with the rye. In many countries of the world his flowers appeared serve as a signal: it is time to prepare for the harvest. And Belarusian marketers decided that the symbol of our country can be eaten and made ice cream out of it. The main characteristics are the following: unique taste, bright blue color, sold in all supermarkets in Minsk

8. Enjoy the performance at Bolshoi.

Unique building constructed before the war, which survived after the Nazi occupation invites us to visit international and known worldwide operas and ballets. The fountain of Bakhchisarai, Bolero, don Quixote, Cinderella, Carmen Suite, Swans Lake, the little Prince etc. The prices start from 15 dollars. Isn’t it amazing?

9. Visit observation platform.

The most famous observation platform in the city is in the National Library of Belarus, located on the 23d floor. The view is wonderful, but it is only to residential areas, as the Library is located pretty far from the historical centre of the city. If you want a real view there is one observation deck in Minsk, for true connoisseurs. This site is located in the hotel Belarus. Just come to the reception, say that you want to enjoy the view and pay for it (3 BYN per person).

10. Have at least one day out the city.

This point goes without any explanation. Belarus has so much to offer you. Mir and Nesvizh Castles, our UNESCO heritage, Brest hero-fortress, known worldwide, the city of Grodno, probably the most European city in Belarus with well preserved historical centre, Dudutki, an open-air museum of ancient crafts and technologies. Our country is different. Do not stop only in Minsk. Belarus is worth to be discovered by you.

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