Top Best Snacks to Bring with as Souvenirs from Belarus

It is a real crime to walk past the counter and not grab a couple of delicacies presented below. Your friends will be surprised by these tasty gifts and will ask you to bring more next time. Let’s see the most popular of them among the citizens of Belarus!

Coal wafer rolls open the top list of the best Belarusian snacks. They are produced by the plant Vitba. Wafers taste slightly like Oreo cookies.

There is a diversity of wafers with a dark or white chocolate filling, or they can be stuffed with boiled condensed milk.

There is another version of the waffle - waffle bar coated with chocolate icing. These bars are usually sold at the box office.

You can try them with popped rice or cereal. The same manufacturer makes Vitba Pads.

Vitba pads represent small cookies with chocolate filling inside. The cookies themselves are unsweetened and made from a mixture of rice and wheat flour. It turns out an interesting taste of the sweet filling and unleavened dough. The cookie itself is crispy and sticks to the teeth a little bit. On the package, you’ll see the smiling dragon.

The next sweet snack is called Pryanik. It is like gingerbread cookies and a very popular sweetness rather among senior citizens and students. The thing is the cookie's composition. Pryanik must always contain both wheat and rye flour. Usually, our gingerbread cookies are round, less often oblong.

To make sure that the gingerbread cookies are fresh, squeeze a packet lightly until the seller sees it. The gingerbread should be a little soft. To make the gingerbread even tastier, cut it in half and grease a half with oil. Enjoy a treat with a cup of tea!

We have some craze in the post-soviet area. We like to dunk cookies in tea.

It also concerns sweet dryers and crackers. Both treats are made of wheat flour. Usually, we take out sweet dryers and crackers from the stash only when there is nothing left of the sweets in the house.

As for me, I prefer to buy dryers and crackers, not only for myself but also for my dog. My shaggy friend is ready to sell her soul for this treat. As have already been mentioned, sweets can be dipped in tea, as well as in compote. I like to dunk them in Coca-Cola.

Also, some people like to drink tea with jam or mix even tea with it.

Jams are not very widely represented on the shelves of our stores, as most people cook them themselves. Our jams taste a bit another, because of its structure. They are boiled only from fruits and berries and sugar, sometimes with the addition of nuts.

A popular treat among kids is corn sticks.

Usually, corn sticks are sold in a huge bag, but there is an option in such boxes, as shown in the picture. Sweetness is great when watching movies instead of popcorn.

Speaking of popcorn, try Docker's.

The trick is that each popcorn coated with caramelized chocolate. Perhaps the same sweet you have in your own country. Nevertheless, try it! Very tasty!

Dry bread slights are a popular product among people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

They can be made from wheat, rye, rice flour with the addition of bran and iodized salt. Some people replace bread with these dry bread slights.

You probably have already heard jokes that the body of a Belarusian is 99.9% composed of potatoes.

For us, potato, like rice for residents of Asia, is an essential food product. Each Belarusian eats an average of 6 kg of potato per month. Belarusian cuisine has in its arsenal a huge number of dishes based on potato. So, a snack like crisps is simply impossible to ignore. No, we don’t dunk them in tea. We eat them in traditional way:)

Popular Belarusian chips/crisps have a rectangular-shaped form. There are many variations of taste, so I don’t dare to advise on choosing. Also, on the shelves, you can find chips similar to slices of bacon, to taste, respectively, they look like bacon.

Last year the Belarusian manufacturer surprised a lot of its consumers by releasing black chips on store shelves. In total, there are two types - with the taste of balsamic vinegar and with sweet Thai pepper.

Consumers write that they taste like ordinary chips, but you can buy them for a cool photo on Instagram.

The Belarusian confectionery factory Red Pishevik specializes in sweets such as marshmallows, pastille, and halwa. The most delicious, according to the mind of inhabitants of Belarus, is Bobruisk Marshmallow. It has a delicate texture that melts in your mouth. The product is very sweet and has a slight acidity. I like chocolate coated marshmallows called the Wizard. If you see Harry, please, share with him a portion. These marshmallows can be named as a healthy product, cause the main ingredient of it is apple puree. Unlike pastille, marshmallows have fewer mashed apple pure in the composition, as well as gelling agents.

If you want to try the pastille, put into your cart the pastille with the apple marmalade insert. Wonderful sweetness! They are go away like hotcakes especially in a coffee break.

Among numerous sweet bars, you can meet halwa.

This oriental sweetness was beloved by Belarusians back in Soviet times and is still popular. You can buy ordinary halwa, but I advise you to take halwa in chocolate glaze.

Candies deserve special attention. Usually, they are sold byweight, that is, you put the amount you need into the package and weigh them at the checkout.

Many sweets are still made strictly according to the Soviet recipe, for example, candies Grillage.

The candy filling consists of chopped hazelnuts and peanuts mixed with caramel. The texture of the filling is quite solid, so try not to break your teeth.

Another queen in the candy recipe of the past era is the “Capital” sweets.

I do not know a single Belarusian who would not like these sweets. The delight of pleasure is that sweets include condensed milk and liquor. Drinking sweets with hot tea, the heat begins to spread inside the body. Very interesting effect. But do not drive even for half an hour after eating sweets!

If you are still rushing around in search of the perfect souvenir, so much to share with your friend piece of Minsk, then you can buy for everyone a Minsk Krokant candy.

The candy is large with a filling of natural apple puree and roasted peanuts.

My friends love Bird Milk sweets very much.

The candy got its name thanks to the airy white texture of the filling. The candy itself is coated with chocolate and has a very delicate taste.

Being in company stores, you can notice that many candies are paired with chocolate. For instance, one of the collections includes sweets and chocolate Belovezhskaya Pushcha. The wrapper depicts the symbol of Belarus - the bison. Inside, sweets are filled with marmalade and liquor.

Chocolate and sweets Alyonka were produced in all large factories of the USSR, and after the collapse, a whole candy war broke out for the right to own the brand name of this sweet.

The peculiarity of Alyonka milk chocolate is that chocolate and sweets have a creamy ‘fat’ taste. On my own, I can not say that liked it when I was a child, but now I am very fond of it.

You may have heard that the Russian-speaking population of the earth adore fried sunflower seeds. Not to say that it is healthy but very delicious. You will not notice how the whole package is gone.

According to reviews, the sunflower seeds, produced by Nikitin, Belarusians like most of all, because they are well cleaned and moderately salty. I advise you to try fried sunflower seeds with beer.

As for drinks, we like to drink kvass, especially in the summer heat.

This is a traditional Slavic and Baltic sour drink, the basis of which is a liquid made of fermentation from flour and malt or dry rye bread.

Sometimes we cook kissel somewhat like jelly.

It's a viscous sweet drink made from berries and starch. There is an opportunity to try the drink by buying its dry version. It boils easily, just adding water. There is a legend that this is the favorite drink of the chief journalist of the Russian Federation. Only shhh!

In the spring many Belarusians begin to collect birch sap.

Fresh birch sap tastes like ordinary water. The drink acquires its usual taste after infusion for a couple of days with the addition of lemon or raisins.

Another interesting drink is cranberry drink. It is a berry juice mixed with boiled water.

Before-mentioned fruit drink is mostly boiled from cranberries and lingonberries, fruit drinks made of black and red currants also could be found. The fruit drink shown in the picture is sweet, so it is better to dilute it with water before drinking.

I hope, that you’ll choose the best variant to please yourself and your friends with wonderful goodies.

What snacks would you like to taste?

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