Frequently Asked Questions about Belarus

Frequently Asked Questions about Belarus

Before you go on a trip to a new country, you need to study the information about the country you are going to properly, to read about its rules and laws, traditions, so as not to get into unpleasant situations. Especially it is necessary to examine this issue when a country us exotic and unknown to you. What Belarus is for you, the country of the former Soviet Union, about which there is almost no news in European or American media, and if there is, they are only about the President of the Republic of Belarus. Our country has a hard time on travel market, because we have to literally fight for tourists! But this is only because of ignorance, people around the world just do not know what to expect from our country. To reveal all secrets our team writes articles for our tourists (potential tourists) so that they realize how unique our country is and why it is worth to come to. This article will answer the very first questions you have when you hear the word Belarus.

1. Where is Belarus?

Belarus is a country and a wonderful piece of land located between Poland and Russia. By the way Belarus is not the smallest country in Europe, more than Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands, in its shape is very similar to the maple leaf. A country of amazing rich culture, incredible nature with centuries-old forests, a large supply of fresh water, amazing and the most hospitable people.

2. Is Belarus safe for tourists?

Not to be unfounded, here are the facts. The US Department divided the world into four categories according to the level of security for American tourists. Belarus fell into the first category, which means something like "follow normal precautions".
Belarus fell into this category together with our neighbouring countries from the European Union such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia. Our neighbour Ukraine got into the Second category, which involves an increased level of attention. The third category sounds like "think twice". For tourists it was offered to refuse to travel to countries from this category for security reasons. Russia is in the third category.

3. What is famous about Belarus?

I would say that for foreigners Belarus still remains a blind spot on the map, but there are some things, Belarus is famous for worldwide:
- Potato and dishes from potato. Sometimes Belarusians are called potato people because we are the 8th producers of this crop in the world and we have at least 200 dishes with it. Isn’t is impressive?
- Our president. Alexander Lukashenko is famous far beyond the borders of Belarus. He is a President of the State for already 25 years.
- Soviet architecture, especially in Minsk. To understand the idea, you need to come and to walk along our Independence Avenue. It leaves many foreigners speechless.
- Nature. 20,000 rivers, 10,000 lakes, many national parks and natural reserves with animals.
And many other reasons. To love Belarus you just need to know it better

4. Is Belarus a tourist destination?

Our country is on the way to become a popular tourist destination, but now Belarus is considered to be an untrodden region of the world. The number of tourists to our country still leaves much to be desired, but with the introduction of visa-free entry we hope for the best.

5. Can you pay with euros and dollars in Belarus?

Unfortunately, no. The official currency is Belarusian rouble, but you can pay with a credit card almost everywhere, Mastercard, Maestro and Visa are accepted.

6. Is Belarus a part of Europe?

Yes, it is. In reality, if we are speaking about the European continent Belarus is considered to be the geographical centre of Europe. Even the memorial sign exists, in the city of Polotsk. But if we are talking about the European Union, then the answer is “no”. Belarusians need to have Schengen visa to enter even such neighbouring countries as Poland, Latvia, Lithuania.

7. Is Belarus a part of Russia?

No. We are an independent state since 1991. And please, do not call Belarus “a part of Russia” or “Belorussia” when you are talking to locals. Belarusians are very nice until you encroach our independence from Russia. But Belarus and Russia are union states, we do not have border control, but we have different currency, our own President and different laws.

8. Do I need a visa to come to Belarus?

If your country is among 80 countries to enter Belarus on visa- free basis via airport, then no, you do not need to have visa. But our team wrote the whole and very clear article, where you can read everything about visa free entry to the airport. Please, click

9. What is the weather like in Belarus?

The weather depends on the season. The climate of Minsk is moderately continental, with a significant influence of the Atlantic sea air. Summers are warm but not usually hot. The average temperature is +23. Winter is often mild, with frequent thaws. In recent years, there has been a clear trend towards higher temperatures in winter.

10. What are the main sights in Belarus?

First of all, I can’t but mention our UNESCO heritage Mir Castle Complex and Nesvizh Castle complex. Both castles are closely tied to each other because the Radziwills Family, the rich and the most famous dynasty possessed them. Built in the XVI century, ruined and restored several times they attract the greatest amount of tourists among all touristic attractions.
Another UNESCO object is Belovezha Forest which is the most ancient forest in Europe and a place with rich history.
About other attractions you can read by click on the following link.

Now I hope Belarus became a little less incognito after reading our article. To know our country better before coming I recommend you to read all information on our web-site. Come to visit Belarus!

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