from 330 EURO
Duration of the tour
5 days
Dates (upon request)
Start from
Minsk International Airport
Finish in
Minsk International Airport
Highlights of the tour
  • Minsk City Gates
  • Independence Avenue
  • Independence Square
  • Holy Spirit Cathedral
  • National Library
  • Sula
  • Mir and Nesvizh Castles
Description of the tour

«Deep insight»

Day 1. Our tour-guide will meet you at the airport. Then transfer to the hotel, so that you could have a rest after a long flight. After a short nap, delicious dinner is waiting for you. Then we go on bicycle sightseeing tour. We will ride along the Independence Avenue, we will see the National Library, the Government House, The Town Hall, Upper Town, Trinity Suburb, a lot of greenery and modern buildings. Moreover, we will make several stops throughout the tour to have a rest.

Day 2. On this day we will visit the estate and park complex "Park of history Sula"-an elite center of cultural and social life. It is a place where the boundaries between the material and spiritual are erased. Everything here allows you to plunge into the exquisite and fascinating world of the Belarusian estate of the 18th century. Places of interest here: ancient settlements, vikings’ pier, weapon smithy, Sula Wine Vaults, Rotunda Chapel, and different mansions. Also we will take on a trip on Varangian Drakkar Boat.

Day 3. We will move to the residences of the uncrowned kings of Belarus. On this day we will see astonishing castles. Both of the castles are the World Heritage of UNESCO. Castles were built in the XVI century. The owner of castles was the Radziwills Family. The Radziwills is the richest family of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Mir Castle was the summer residence of the Radziwills. Today this five-towers gothic castle is a real gem of Belarus. The gem with a great history and mystery legends. Nesvizh castle is magnificent palace. The castle is a fascinating palace with fortification systems. Then we go to authentic Belarussian village.

Day 4. Rural stay in the village “White meadows”. "White meadows" is a village where you can run away from the city bustle and get an insight into the rural life of Belarusians. Here the time has stopped. There are the cobblestone street, centuries-old Linden trees, fish pond, meadows and forests. This was the pre-war Belarusian village. All the day you will be occupied with different traditional activities. Traditional cuisine in the tavern, a real wood-fired sauna, fishing, bicycles, tea with honey and much more awaits You in the village "White meadows".

Day 5. Saying good bye to this wonderful place and go home. Transfer to the airport.

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