from 385 EURO
Duration of the tour
5 days
Dates (upon request)
Start from
Minsk International Airport
Finish in
Minsk International Airport
Highlights of the tour
  • Trinity Suburb
  • Liberty Square
  • Dudutki Museum
  • Brest Fortress
  • Belovezha forest
  • Mir and Nesvizh Castles
  • Michael Oginski’s estate
  • Castle in Golshany
  • Saint Trinity Church in Gervyaty
Description of the tour

Day 1. Our tour-guide will meet you at the airport, and after it our tour begins. We start from the main city of Minsk. It is the capital of Belarus with 2-million population. Throughout the sightseeing tour you will get the glimpse of the main attractions. You will drive along the Independence Avenue, the masterpiece of the Soviet Times built in the style of Stalinist Classicism just after the War. Also we will look at the magnificent building of the Government House, built before the war manually without any mechanized equipment, then we will walk around the historical center of the city, which resembles the historical center of many European cities, but with this special Belarusian atmosphere. After the sightseeing tour we will head to the DUDUTKI museum of the ancient crafts. The main rule of all museums is "do not touch". Dudutki is absolutely another type of museums. You can touch everything! Dudutki is a museum of traditional crafts and technologies. During the tour, you will get acquainted with arts and crafts, such as pottery, beekeeping, blacksmithing, cheese-making, weaving, and, of course, moonshine. Guests of Dudutki can’t only see, but also to become artisans for some period of time. Rich collection of vintage cars will not leave you indifferent. And during outdoor activities, you will try famous eco-friendly and very tasty food and national cuisine.

Day 2. We are going to Brest, to see the imposing Brest Fortress, a symbol of heroism and resistance of Soviet soldiers in the World War II. It’s the huge unique memorial complex. On 22 of June 1941, defenders protected the fortress for almost one month. Big part of fortress was destroyed. In 1971 the Memorial complex was opened on the Brest fortress territory. After visiting the memorial complex we will walk along the Soviet Street, which looks like any European street of the past. And finally we will visit the Bialowieza Forest, which is one of the oldest nature reservations in Europe. Everyone will be able to visit the Museum of Nature and the residence of Belorussian Santa Claus. And we have a night stay in the Forest. Breath in the fresh air and sleep well.

Day 3. After a night stay in Belovezha Forest we will move to the residences of the uncrowned kings of Belarus. On this day we will see astonishing castles. Both of the castles are the World Heritage of UNESCO. Castles were built in the XVI century. The owner of castles was the Radziwills Family. The Radziwills is the richest family of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Mir Castle was the summer residence of the Radziwills. Today this five-towers gothic castle is a real gem of Belarus. The gem with a great history and mystery legends. Nesvizh castle is magnificent palace. The castle is a fascinating palace with fortification systems. Today 400 000 tourists visit the castle every year. Every guest of Belarus should visit it. After it we will come to Minsk for a night stay.

Day 4. The last day of our tour is going to be the most highly-charged. The first stop of our day will be Zalesye, where there is the patrimonial estate of Mikhail Kleofas Oginsky, the author of the world-famous "Polonaise". Recently reconstructed complex attracts more and more tourists every year. Also throughout the day we will visit many small towns of Western Belarus. Especially you will remember Gervyaty. It is a place which will not leave indifferent with its beauty even the most demanding and experienced tourist! We will visit the catholic church and listen to the organ concert. And at the end of the tour we will visit the ruins of the legendary Belarusian castles in Golshany and Krevo.

Day 5. It is time to say goodbye! After a delicious breakfast you have transfer to the aiport.

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