"Oh, Paris! You are my second Vitebsk", - Mark Chagall once exclaimed. And not unreasonably, because during the Renaissance epoch Vitebsk was called "a small capital of the Renaissance", while the great capital of the Renaissance was Paris.

Throughout the sightseeing tour around Vitebsk you will get acquainted with the bright architectural objects of the city. On the banks of the Dvina river tourists will see" reborn from the ashes " Annunciation Church of Vitebsk, built in the XII century, but ruthlessly blown up in 1961. The Annunciation Church in Vitebsk is a masterpiece of Byzantine - Balkan architecture, the only monument of this type in Eastern Europe. Once it was visited by Alexander Nevsky and Olgerd the Great.

Then the tourists will pass through the old streets to the Governor's Palace in Vitebsk, where the Emperor Napoleon himself lived for two weeks.

Then the participants of the tour will see the symbol of the city, a beautiful City Hall in Vitebsk. Currently, it houses the Museum of local lore.

After walking past the row of Vitebsk awaits us at the Dormition Cathedral in Vitebsk. The largest temple of the city on a high promontory deservedly gained the status of the architectural dominants of Vitebsk, lifting up its dome on the banks of the Vitba river.

The life of a great artist with a world name Marc Chagall is closely connected with Vitebsk. Neither St. Petersburg, where Chagall studied painting, nor Moscow, where he worked, not France, where he lived most of his life, did not give him such a piercing experience, which awarded him Vitebsk. Therefore, the house-Museum of Marc Chagall in Vitebsk on Pokrovskaya Street is a "must-visit" not only for those interested in tourism and recreation in Belarus, but also for fans of world art.

Where to eat in Vitebsk:

- “Pushkin times” lounge café. In the city where there is a monument to Pushkin, there is no surprise that there is a restaurant called after him. This modern cafe-lounge is located in the historic part of the city, in the vicinity of the picturesque Tolstoy street. Pushkin Time's Cafe Lounge combines a colorful interior and Russian, Belarusian and European cuisines. Among the main advantages of Pushkin time's is its location: the historic center, where daily life pulsates and where the cultural and economic arteries of the city intersect. And at the same time it is a quiet atmospheric place that guarantees peace and relaxation from the hustle and bustle for guests;

- Café “Bat’kova Hata”. The interior of the cafe is made in the traditional Belarusian style of a village house. The interior includes large wooden tables, chairs, linen tablecloths, woven rugs and a lot of light. The menu consists of dishes of Belarusian cuisine such as dumplings, pancakes, machanka "peasant", Babka with bacon, chops and more. Many of them are cooked according to old national recipes. Special attention should be paid to the bread of own production. There is everything from sweet rolls to the brand's very tasty bread "Batkin" with bacon and garlic. All kinds of bakery products are served directly from the bakery still warm and flavorful.

- Bakery “Melange”. A place to talk heart to heart. The panoramic windows of the café look directly onto the spacious, light-flooded square. Soft pastel and pistachio, mint tones in the interior calm and set to dive into communication. In "Melange" do not use the billet of the mixture. Absolutely all desserts and pastries are made from products familiar from childhood: eggs, flour, sugar.

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