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     My name is Eugine. I am a guideman. I received a historical education and decided to connect my life with this wonderful profession. I have two main hobbies – history and travels. It was clear for me – I decided to unite these directions.


 I want to show Belarus not like we imagine it. Belarus is country with a beautiful nature and a rich history.  I try to make unique every excursion and  thanks of our customers is main for me, because I try to do everything with the big pleasure.


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Eugine S.


Sightseeing tour in Minsk

Walking tour in the historical  Minsk center

During the Sightseeing tour you‘ll with main place of interest. Tour starts on the main Minsk’s Square – Independence Square. Then we’re going on the Independence Avenue – main street of Belorussian capital.  The Independence Avenue – symbol of  majestic soviet architecture. We pay attention on Nation library building and beautiful church of All Holies. In addition we are walking in the historical center of city. And our last stop is modern Winners Avenue.

We’ll start our walking tour in the center of Minsk in the Middle ages. It’s Freedom Square – old market square which is connected with the Magdeburg rights – system of city privileges. Second stop is Trinity Suburb – ancient district of Minsk, which was saved after the Second World war. We’ll see memorial complex Ireland of Tears. Excursion finishes near Nation Theater of opera and ballet. Minsk Big Theater – monument of pre-war architecture.



This tour is visiting card of Belarus. Both of castles are World Heritage of UNESCO. Castles were built in XVI century. The castles owner was Radziwill family. Radziwill is the richest family of Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. Mir is a real defense castle. Nesvizh is magnificent palace. Every guest of Belarus have to visit this tour.

In the tourist environment, we call this route the "Belarusian Switzerland". During the tour you will visit the well-known Belarusian resorts and sports centers, get acquainted with the history and nature of Logoisk and the surrounding area, and visit the world-famous memorial complex Khatyn - a place that everyone have to visit at least once in life.

Polotsk is an ancient city

Brest Fortress - Bialowieza Forest

Polotsk - the oldest city of Belarus. It’s the capital of the first state on the territory of our country - the Principality of Polotsk. Many famous Belarusians were born in Polotsk: prince Vseslav Magician, educator Euphrosyne of Polotsk, pioneer Francis Skorina, priest Simeon is a teacher of Russian tsar   Peter I. During the tour will visit the old Polotsk St. Sophia Cathedral - a monument of architecture of XI-XVIII centuries. Complexes of the Epiphany and Saint Euphrosyne monastery and many other attractions.

Brest Fortress - a symbol of heroism and resistance of the Soviet soldier in World War II. It’s patriotic symbol for the present and future generations. After a visit to the memorial we will go to the Bialowieza Forest - one of the oldest nature reserves in Europe. Your attention will appear relic forest with unique flora and fauna. Everyone will be able to visit the Museum of Nature and the residence of Belorussian Santa Claus.

Dudutki - museum of ancient crafts

The road to Stalin's line ...

The museum, which celebrates the Republic of Belarus on par with Radziwills castles. Museum – skansen was opened for more than 20 years ago, and every year it attracts thousands of tourists not only from the former Soviet Union, but also abroad. During the tour, you will meet with arts and crafts, such as pottery, beekeeping, blacksmithing, cheese-making, weaving, and, of course, moonshine. Dudutki guests can’t only see, but also to stay in the role of artisans. Do not leave indifferent and a rich collection of vintage cars. And during outdoor activities, especially pleasant tasting the famous eco-friendly and very tasty food.

«Stalin Line» is a military-historical open-air museum, which was opened on the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The museum was opened on the basis of the restored fortifications of the Minsk fortified area. The complex is located 20 kilometers from Minsk. The exhibition contains various types of weapons: tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, aviation, special military equipment. Bunkers were restored. Also, you will meet with all kinds of ditches, trenches, anti-tank ditches. In addition, anyone, for a small fee, will be able to shoot from the legendary weapons WWII.

Minsk - Zalesie - Smorgon - Ostrovets - Vornyany - Hervyaty - Holshany - Krevo - Minsk

In Zalesye there is the patrimonial estate of Mikhail Kleofas Oginsky, the author of the world-famous "Polonaise". Recently reconstructed complex attracts more and more tourists every year. Contemporaries called Zalesye the «northern

Athens». Smorgon is a city which was connected with the First World War. The Russian-German front was in Smorgon for 3 years. A memorial complex was recently opened in the city. Also in Smorgon we will get acquainted with the ancient church of St. Michael the Archangel and the Orthodox church of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Voronians and Borunas are Belarusian villages, where the most beautiful churches are located. Hervyaty is a place which, with its beauty, will not leave indifferent even the most demanding and an experienced tourist! And at the end of the tour we will visit the ruins of the legendary Belarusian castles in Golshany and Krevo.

It’s the best itinerary for an acquaintance with the Belarusian countryside.


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Fascinating guided tours in Minsk and Belarus


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